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Kerbside Performance Plus Food Organics Incentives Program

Kerbside Performance Plus Food Organics Incentives Program

Funding for councils to implement sustainable and efficient food organics recycling systems

How much money is available?

$1.6 million

Who can apply?

Councils offering a kerbside-collected organics (‘green bin’) collection service.

What will we fund out of this?

A contribution towards the cost of a food waste system - up to 50% of cost of containers and education material included with containers at the time of distribution, to a maximum of $3 per tenement.

Please see the guidelines for more information.

What WON’T we fund?

No project is guaranteed an allocation of funds by Green Industries SA.  Funding through this program will be made entirely on a competitive basis, and Green Industries SA reserves the right to direct the funds to projects that are considered to be of most benefit.

When does it close?

18.08.2020 Currently closed

Contact Program Manager

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