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Alternative Items

Option 1:  Avoid Waste

Reduce the cost of switching to a non-plastic alternative by reducing the quantity of the product being used. By reducing the use of unnecessary items provided to customers you will save money and avoid wasting resources. 


  • Place takeaway cutlery out of reach of customers. Only provide cutlery on request.


  • Place straws out of reach of customers, such as behind or under the counter.
  • Tell staff to provide straws upon request only or for certain beverages that require it.


  • For dine in, use washable, reusable drink stirrers.
  • For takeaway, consider if these are necessary. If they are, only provide on request. 

Option 2: Reusable

Could your business promote and sell reusable options? More and more products are being developed from reusable materials such as glass, silicone, bamboo, titanium, stainless steel, ceramics and reusable plastics. Businesses now have access to washable, reusable and cost-effective alternatives. 

Option 3: Disposable 

If you must provide a disposable option, order alternatives to single-use plastic products. Speak to your supplier to find out what they stock or contact Green Industries SA for the list of Suppliers of Alternative Products. Look for certified compostable products that do not include plastics or bioplastics like PLA. Alternatives include straws made from certified paper, bamboo or by-products like sugarcane (be careful as some suppliers describe PLA as sugar cane). Cutlery and stirrers can be made from wood or bamboo.