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Single-use Plastic FAQs - Business and Industry Support

Business and Industry Support

  • Have impacts to businesses been considered?

    Yes. The government established a stakeholder taskforce to help inform the development of the legislation. The taskforce comprises representatives of business, industry, local government and industry group as listed HERE. A summary of submissions received on the draft Bill and the government’s response is also available on this website.

  • How can we help our staff explain the legislation to customers?

    Though many South Australians support action on single-use plastic products, some customers may take time to adjust to the changes. Changes to behaviour can take time. To help your staff:

    • Display notices explaining the change (download HERE).
    • Place Point of Sale material at the register to remind customers about the prohibited products and prompt them to bring reusable items.
    • Remind customers it has been introduced by the South Australian government and is being applied to all businesses in the state, and it is not optional.
    • Explain that businesses face fines and penalties for not complying with the law.
    • Explain that the action is helping to protect the environment by avoiding waste, reducing litter and the harm caused to marine life.
    • Refer customers to: or the Green Industries SA office, 8204 2051.

  • How will the state government help businesses to communicate to customers?

    Educational resources are available to help businesses prepare for the commencement of the legislation. These resources include point of sale materials to assist businesses to explain the legislation to staff and customers and talking points. Resources are being translated into eight languages and an advertising campaign will provide broader community awareness. The educational resources can be downloaded, or printed on demand, free of charge by visiting the Resources page a  CLICKING HERE.