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Resources - Events

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Events - Back of House Signage

Back of house A4 posters showing which bins items belong in.


Events - Front of House Signage

Front of house A4 posters showing which bins items belong in.


Waste Guide for Events and Venues

There are five main components to a successful and effective waste management strategy at your...


Event - Roles and Responsibilities

Event organisers and venue managers generally carry most responsibility for waste management initiatives but many...


Events Guide - Example Contract and Tender Clauses

Example Contract and Tender Clauses are provided to give a starting point for developing specific...


Event - Staff Training-Vendor Poster

This document outlines content for a Staff/Vendor training poster. (Image courtesy of Josie Withers, SATC)


Event Waste Management calculator - Small-Medium Events

This Small to Medium Event Waste& Recycling Planning Tool has been developed to assist small-medium...


Event - Waste Management Plan Template

This template provides a structure to assist with planning waste management systems at your event.