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Single-use Plastic FAQs - Excess Stock

Excess Stock

  • Can I continue to use stock I purchased before 1 March?

    You must use up existing stock before March 1 2021, and cease offering it to customers from that date. Businesses are not forced to supply alternatives and may consider cease providing these items altogether.

  • What about any prohibited plastic items I have at home? Can I still use these up?

    South Australia’s single-use plastics legislation restricts the sale, supply or distribution of certain products. It does not prohibit the use of items that have been purchased for personal use ahead of the legislation commencing. Therefore, householders will be permitted to use up their supply of single-use plastic cutlery, stirrers and straws (keeping in mind exemptions will be in place)* but will be unable to purchase these items once the legislation has commenced. The community is encouraged to use reusable cutlery at home and if disposable products are needed to use non-plastic alternatives. 

  • What can I do with excess stock?

    You can continue to use up stock until the end of February 2021. If you still have non-compliant stock at 1 March, here are some options to avoid sending the items to landfill:

    • Contact your supplier for return options as these products may still be used interstate. Items must be in the original, unopened package.
    • Enquire if excess stock can be recycled – this depends on the type of plastic and if it has a use. 

    Contact these companies (fees may apply):

    YCA Recycling
    Wingfield, Adelaide
    Phone: 1300 503 882 

    Recycling Plastics Australia
    Kilburn, Adelaide
    Phone: 8368 2200