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Providing the right information

Supporting staff and vendors

Distribute a summary of your Waste Management Plan (WMP) to staff and vendors, and be clear about expectations and responsibilities for different roles.

Key points to include are the benefits and outcomes sought, systems in place and what will happen to waste instead of going to landfill.

As staff at events are often short-term employees at the site, information needs to be clear and easy to read and understand. Useful approaches include memos to staff, contractual obligations referring to the WMP, briefing/training sessions, posters, signage, and distribution of appropriate waste management contacts for any questions.

Update and educate staff about any changes to existing procedures through:

  • a brief training session
  • staff inductions
  • information provided to staff as they arrive for a shift
  • posters placed around back of house.

An example staff training/vendor poster is provided in the toolkit (see Appendix 4).

Food and beverage requirements

It is particularly important to clearly communicate expectations around service ware at the event, and to help vendors meet these expectations.

If they will be required to use compostable service ware, provide information and assistance in advance of the event to ensure appropriate items are purchased. Some events require service ware to be purchased from a selected range or suppliers as part of the vendor agreements to ensure the materials are compliant.

South Australia’s ‘Replace the Waste’ website lists providers of alternatives to plastic single-use service ware. alternatives

If your event will be operating with reusable options for some or all service ware items, let vendors know the cost arrangement for this (if any) and arrangements for collection and washing of service ware.

Engaging with your patrons

Most people now expect that waste and recycling systems at events will align with waste streams generated. Promotion plays an important role in the success of the waste management plan.

Information in simple, easy-to-understand messages is encouraged. Promote your efforts continuously leading up to and throughout your event or at your venue. Tell patrons your reasons for minimising waste going to landfill and provide them the appropriate infrastructure to separate their waste.

A variety of tools and techniques can be used to promote waste minimisation and recycling during an event or continuously at a venue to encourage correct use of the systems.

Some examples are:

  • signage and posters in areas of high visitation
  • PA/MC announcements promoting placement of all compostable service ware into green bins
  • signage regarding disposal at point of sale
  • social media messages ahead of the event
  • reminders to bring reusable options in event promotion activities
  • staff and volunteers spreading the message on the ground while monitoring and managing bin stations.

Monitoring at bin stations by staff or volunteers will support patrons to use the systems confidently, ensuing that the materials are placed in the right bin, reducing contamination and increasing diversion.