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Single-use Plastic FAQs - Exemptions


  • Single-use product accessibility

    Exemptions allow for the continued sale, supply and distribution of single-use plastic straws for people with a disability or medical need. Further information on exemptions can be found here.

    Single-use plastic spoons for clinical purposes 

    The government is aware that single-use plastic spoons are used for certain clinical purposes, such as to administer medication, and that some healthcare facilities require additional time to assess, test and implement suitable alternatives. 

    A temporary exemption allows for single-use plastic spoons to be used in ‘medical or dental facilities and care facilities’ for clinical purposes until 1 March 2022. 

    The exemption does not apply to single-use plastic spoons used for other purposes within a medical or dental facility or care facility (e.g. to serve food). 

    For further information on the exemptions, see here:

  • What about attached products?

    The government has acknowledged that single-use plastic straws attached to products, such as straws attached to beverage containers or cutlery like spoons that are provided already attached to packaging will take a longer time to transition to alternatives. Therefore, an there is a current exemption to exclude ‘pre-packaged and attached products’ from the legislation. Further information on exemptions can be found here.